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thanks for the gift- it will be helpful on the twenty ten page I am going to do tomorrow- twenty things to accomplish for the year and 10 habits/routines I need to develop for 2010!


Thank you for this gift! I am looking forward to 52 weeks of awesome inspiration!


awesome inspiration!!! thanks so much!!!


Thank you so much for your generous gift!!


Thank you for this.

Thanks so much Sue!

Joni S.

Thank you so much for the nice gift, Sue. I truly am embarking on a journey that will probably prove to be somewhat frustrating to me too!! I've only ever done ONE Template!! That's it. That is the only digi-scrapping I've EVER done!! Am I NUTS or what??! LOL!

I do hope that I can gently slide right into this! It would be an absolute answer to prayer if that were to happen! Please, gals........if you would, PLEASE say a little prayer for me. I know miracles happen. I don't just believe in Miracles, I DEPEND ON THEM! Honestly....

Thanks so much, Sue!

Big Hugs to you all! I may be asking more questions than scrapping!! (I'm taking my daily photos though!!)




Patty Anne

Thank you SO MUCH for the freebie - and the coming year of inspiration...

AND for the coupons! WOO HOO!

I'm feeling like a Queen with all of this spoiling - and it's going to last for the rest of the year too!

Dana N

Thank you for the goodies. Have a wonderful 2010!


Thank you Sue!


Thank you for the word art. I'm looking forward to all the inspirations this year.

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