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Start the day off with breakfast at the beach. Spend the day playing in the sand, splashing in the pool and napping with the tradewinds blowing...all in Hawaii. Simply paradise!


A Day in the Alps. We had a rental car and drove up the Alps to my family's historic homestead. It was bright and sunny and sooo beautiful. The roads were amazing in this little burg of Schmocken - plenty of switchbacks so it wasn't too steep, but what amazed me the most was that we were driving through the whispy cirrus clouds which are way up high here, but at eye level in the Alps. The blue of the damask in your preview looks like the same color of the sky there. Or maybe it was the cows didn't tip over grazing on steep mountain sides. :)


The day you fall in love, is a perfect day. 'Cause no matter how bad the weather, your head is higher then the clouds, where the sun always shines.
No matter what happens, your mind is absorbed with one blissfull thing, there isn't room left for worries or sorrow.
No matter how hard you smile, you can't feel the pain in your cheeks, you can only feel the butterflies in your stomach.

Eszter (beszteri)

A spring day with my family in the nature: bike, ball, loud laughter. Without work, deadlines and stress. :)
And a day winning your new kit would be an another perfect day, Sue. :) Thank you for the chance!
Hugs, E.


Begin the day with the sun, the breakfast on the veranda, a tour of the garden, admire the nature, take photos, and dream!
Thank you for the chance ♥

an geon

in the beach with my kids playing around and laughing...


Up early to watch the changing light at sunrise, the smell of coffee brewing, and the rest of the day stretching out ahead for art play! Thanks so much for the chance to win!


A perfect day for me is spending a little time by myself without worrying about what housework needs to be done, without having to go to work. Then around mid-day, DH would come home from work, DS would come home from school, and we would spend the rest of the day together having fun!


One perfect day for me would be to go and play with my grandson this summer while school is out. So much fun!


I love your designs. A perfect day for me is sightseeing with my boys on a sunny summer day. Thanks for this chance to win.


My perfect day will look like this: A sunny Spring day, with all the fresh green and blooming blossom around us. Have a picknick at the borders of a lake with waterlilies. In the afternoon boating on the lake with my feet in the water, just doing nothing. Perhaps a swim... In the evening dinner at a campfire with my family around me.


Oh, I can't wait to see this new kit


aaaah, that´s easy: a sunny day with nothing to do but sitting in a shady place with a favourite book!


A perfect day is waking up to the sound of a gentle rainfall, having the day off, and no appointments for anything! Then a great big cup of coffee out on my deck even if it's still raining!!


The sun is shining. A gentle breeze stirs the air. The temperature is comfortably warm but not too hot. I have the whole day to do nothing except play outside with my granddaughter. The perfect day.....


My perfect day was to end a jogging of 9 km while my kids won a 300 m and was such happy, after this we had a lunch with my grand-mothers . It was a nice day full of love, laugh and together. Who are you doing?


I would love to have a whole day with my family just enjoying our time together without the every day hecticness of life. Just taking in the everything from sunrise to sunset, enjoying the laughter and smiles.

kathy m

I big iced tea, a clean house, no kids and a book while sitting outside. A slice of heaven.


Thanks for the chance!!! I think my perfect day is any day that I can hang out with my family and/or friends and the weather is nice and I don't have to worry about deadlines or obligations for a whole day. :)


Waking up to a balmy sun soaked day and no place to go; that means I can get my coffee and go out in my backyard and prune and water and pinch my shrubs, flowers, etc. Then after washing the mud off my feet, grabbing a book and lazing in my hammock, under my shady maple, while my lab, Phoebe, chases the butterflies.


The day I went to San Francisco to audition for Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. It was the best day of my life. My audition was amazing. I was the last person on the last day and was helping the professor clean up. When I asked about the timeline, he told me I passed my audition so getting in to NYU would be all about my grades. When I told him my GPA, he said, "See you in the fall." As I was on the payphone outside telling my Mom about it, Nicholas Cage and his manager walked by me. I rode the cable car at night with all the lights and felt like a million bucks. BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Debbie B.

One Perfect Day for me would be to take a long leisurely drive to the beach with my camera, hubby and my dog. A simple lunch, some beautiful shots of the ocean and some tranquil time with life. Just relax and unwind.


This very moment.


The most perfect day was the day we were told my hubby's cancer was in remission after being stage 4 and nothing worked except a stem cell transplant!!! :-)


Ah--the morning I watched our first grandbaby being born -- a perfect day and a perfect girl.

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