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One perfect day would be to do nothing at all ☺


The day after my daughter was born I lay her on the bed beside me and we just stared at each other. I lifted her little hands and feet and stared at the tiny fingers and toes. And she just kept staring at my face. I was told I probably would never have a child, so this was the best day of my life!


For me a perfect day is a simple vacation day at home, sunshine in my garden, children and huz around, doing nothing but enjoying ;) Thanks for the chance to win !


The day I met my husband was a perfect day. Together we are enjoying more perfect days.


Definately at the beach with a cool drink and umbrella, listening to the waves roll in.


a day at the beach... blue water, glorious sun, warm sand, a gentle breeze, and one of those yummy drinks with an umbrella... ah, a perfect day! another lovely design, Sue; many thanks :)


Most perfect day is any family day ... life is precious, and we must find joy in everything we do :)

Jennifer Flaherty

At the beach in Kiawah, SC. Just perfect!


A perfect day is sleeping in, waking up to a sunny day. Having breakfast with fresh bread and strawberries, knowing the whole day lies ahead of you ready to be filled.


A perfect day in my life? One of my most perfect days in my life was when I was flying to south Africa, and I looked out of the airplane window down to the african land. I couldn't believe what I saw, was amazed by the view. The stewardes asked me if I was oke, LOL Probably because of my!
That was 1 perfect day for me.

Thanks for this chance! And congrats with your daughter's wedding!


My one perfect day was the day that my adopted daughter was placed in my hands for the first time.
Thanks for the chance to win.


so hard to choose one perfect day. Wedding day, births of my 5 kids, so many with my 5 grandbabies. But the one thing that made my life perfect was when I prayed and accepted God's gift of salvation through the finished work of His Son, Jesus. My life is perfect now because I am a new creation. :)

Betty Stewart

There is no 1 perfect day. Everyday is better than the next. So EVERYDAY is perfect.


Today is a perfect day for me since it's Mother's Day in France and I have my two girls with me and my husband to celebrate it. So yes, it's a perfect day for me!


The perfect day is any day I wake up with my love beside me. Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

Liz Lumsden

Sailing across the Carribean on a tri-hull, warm sun, cool breeze and a margarita in hand. This was on my honeymoon with my ex, but it was still a wonderful day.


I need a "Perfect Day" kit becaues my GKids are getting to come to AZ from WA in a few weeks!!!!

Denise S.

One perfect day for me is sitting on the beach listening to the ocean, taking pictures, putting me feet in the water and then going for some little neck clams and an ice cold beer. Oh yeah baby...the is a perfect day!


wow, I am loving the look of this kit already. I crazy love blues!! A perfect day in my life was Tuesday.... on a Tuesday in 2000 I had a baby boy and on a Tuesday in 2003 I had a baby girl. :)


I love my life, so I have had lots and lots of perfect days, and I know more will be coming!! I am sure the kit is beautiful.


Oh wat a perfect kit for an perfect day. I hope I'm also lucky tomorrow....thanks for this change


Oh I misunderstood you. My perfect day is with my husband and kids together enjoying ordinairy things and have a good meal/ bbq together with all happy faces!


One perfect day.....A sunny one, warm, in front of the sea......Feeling smooth sand in your toes....watching birds playing around...OMG! I wanna go there right now!!! LOL

Julie aka MaggieMae

A perfect day was our 35th anniversary celebrated on Maui - it ended with walking along the beach barefoot in the moonlight. Perfect!!

Mary Rogers

my perfect day is sleeping in, a fresh brewed cup of coffee, computer time and sun!

thanks for the chance to win Sue!

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