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My perfect day, was my Hawaiian wedding at the beach! Sooo beautiful, warm, relaxing.

thank you!


A perfect day that comes to mind was when my children and I sat on our pool deck while 60-100 hummingbirds flew around eating from our 9 feeders and various flowers we planted for them.

We look forward to fall migration every year.


A perfect day is waking up at The Inn At Otter Crest at the Oregon coast where we have a timeshare. The master bedroom windows look right out on the ocean. The view is a picture that I can take over and over. A walk along the ocean is great exercise and dinner in Newport ends the day. I wish it could be every day!


is it already closed ? If not, I come take my chance ... thanks, it seems to be a future pretty kit.


Oh Sue! This is a perfect day because we'll have a new kit from you! :) And I'm sure it's going to be beautiful!
My perfect day... I have 3 of them... my wedding day and the days my girls were born. :)
Hugs, my dear Sue!

Soraya Barbir

The perfect day would have to be the one day when everyone in the world is having a perfect day!!!

Leonor Barroso

Evevy day i spend with my daughter ia a perfect day. Thanks for the chance to win.


The perfect day would be if my comment here would register. Haha.
A day that starts with breakfast and morning coffee without having rush it, that's a good day.


The perfect day is when we get up and have breakfast outside by the lake. Spend the rest of the day sprucing up the yard and having fun! Have dinner outside and then go to Dairy Queen to get an ice cream cone. The end of a beautiful restful day!


Go to the beach, swim, sleep, evening: board games.


Last summer, arriving in Venice with my son's soccer team and being greeted by the host team. Communication was a problem since none of our boys spoke Italian and just a few of the host boys spoke English. However, smiles smoothed over any lack of understanding. It warmed the heart to see that the simple game of soccer was an equalizer for all.


Oh, a kit for a perfect day , the mother's day!!! Thanks for the chance!


Gorgeous sunny weather, a yummy meal, my family at my side...


The day each of my babies were born were perfect, but that's three so how about a day at the lake with all my kids, their spouses and my wonderful grandson. Playing in the water, making homemade ice cream and just being together, is my idea of a perfect day!


coffe first thing...then golf or tennis...then reading or computer time...grilling dinner and eating it outside...where ever


Sounds like a lovely wedding and a perfect day for sure!

I recall a perfect day...the day my granddaughter was born.

January 11, 2009
We knew it was a girl and my daughter had been having contractions all day and night. She had a doctors visit and they told her it would still be a while, LOL
After many hours of labor and excitement, our little Destiney blessed our lives forever! I can still remember when she came out and the look on her sweet face after her first bath by the nurse.
I remembering the feeling that loving my children was one thing, but this was a whole other feeling of love that consumes me.

Destiney is my Doodlebug and my very favorite person in the world...♥♥

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