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What give me JOY: listening my kids playing together and laughting.


Chloe!!! YOU are the FIRST check your email for a surprise! xoxooxseu

suzy R

What brings me joy is knowing that my sons are both truly good souls. They enjoy the simple things in life and aren't about all the hype surrounding $ like a lot of their friends are. This brings me comfort because money doesn't bring happiness. It's the simple things. With my kids, THEY NOTICE the simple things already and aren't concerned with what more than can obtain with money. It's a good feeling to know that some things I'm saying to them are getting through ;)


Congrats Clo (a surprise from Sue C... ? - Youpi) What give me joy (and both fear sometimes) : my two little boys (and their father): so, three children at home each and every day... seing them growing, hearing them laughing out loud, kissing them (just sometimes because they don't like !).... Thanks for the chance !


this project sounds good Sue !
Right now, what gives me joy is to think about our next vacations. Where ? when ? how long ? with the kids ?...a lot of questions, but these give me joy ;)

Ruebchensmum (Corinna)

This sounds so very inspiring. Can't wait to see how it will be.


Ruebchensmum (Corinna)

hm, should I perhaps also have mentioned what brings me joy??? You see, I REALLY need guidance, Sue. *lol*
O.k. what gives me joy each and every day is watching my two girls grow, help them to face new challenges, learn new things, make progress in what they already knew, create friendships, see how many ideas they have if we play outside in nature and being able to be proud of them because last not least it is also a little bit the fruits of my daily work to see how great they are.

Ruebchensmum (Corinna)

hm, do you think I am the right person to take part in the project if I am neither able to write nor to read???
Did not see the deadline was August 30th, sorry for polluting your blog, Sue. I am a donkey!
But at least it made me think about what I am grateful today. Now I better log off before writing another comment.


It is for today?

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